About Us

Our workshop was established in 1991, by Antonis Gkousdovas. Antonis works in the field of furniture manufacturing since 1969. He worked as a furniture upholstery technician and as production manager in a factory employing 50 people. His love for furniture manufacturing and his intention to create high quality ergonomic furniture led him to establish his own furniture upholstery workshop. Today he is an advisor to our workshop, drawing on his rich experience he offers solutions on technical and designing matters.

Giannis Gkousdovas, son of Antonis, continues the work of his father and at the same time enhance and develop services of the workshop. Giannis alongside his studies, from a very young age, used to visit his father’s workshop. As a result, despite his young age, he already has 20 years of experience in the way the workshop operates. His interest in furniture manufacture and design, alongside with his studies in Industry Design, led him to be an exceptionally skilled technician in this field.

In our workshop we combine the experience of two generations in furniture manufacturing and we embellish our services with our knowledge of design. This enables us to have a completely different and more interesting approach to the way we treat our customers and their furniture. Furthermore, the capabilities of our workshop have been enriched and we are now able to handle not only your furniture but also the space that surrounds them.

Utilizing the design and our vast experience our workshop differs from others as regards the final outcome and the overall process as well – an experience that all our customers witness until the completion of the service.

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